River Bluffs Road Improvements in Rockford, Michigan

Our civil engineers in Grand Rapids handle projects for a wide range of industries and businesses throughout West Michigan. Whether you’re a homeowners association or property management company, we can help you achieve the results you want with innovative engineering solutions that are designed and built to last.

For this project, our engineering team worked with the Gerow Management Company to improve the roads within the River Bluffs Condominium Association in Rockford, Michigan.

Here are the details of this exciting civil engineering project. If you have any questions about a specific project you have in mind, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Moore+Bruggink Consulting Engineers.

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The Client: Gerow Management Company

The Gerow Management Company serves condominium associations across West Michigan. They handle condominium issues related to maintenance, administration, and finances. For this project, they asked our engineers to improve the roads within the River Bluffs Condominium Association which is located in Rockford, Michigan.

The Scope of the Project

The project included preliminary civil engineering, bid package preparation, construction engineering, inspection, and testing for 1.3 miles of hot mix asphalt base crushing and shaping with hot mix asphalt resurfacing.

With projects like this, it’s important for our engineers to evaluate every factor that could affect the quality of the road sub-base and asphalt pavement. For example, improper drainage can lead to pools of standing water. If ignored, standing water can weaken the surface of the road and cause cracks, potholes, and eventual foundation damage.

To get a comprehensive picture of the road’s condition, our engineers took soil boring samples that went through the topmost layer of asphalt into the base underneath it to determine what’s there. Our civil engineers also looked for visible signs of damage on the surface of the road, such as cracks, potholes, and sections of sunken pavement.

With this information, our team was able to come up with the best engineering solution and present the costs to the client. Our team always approaches civil engineering challenges from the ground up to achieve lasting results.

Once the client approved the project, we crushed the roadway, graded, and recompacted the base and resurfaced the roads on the property. By doing this, we strengthened the pavement’s foundation so cracks, potholes, and other types of surface-level damage wouldn’t re-emerge within a short period of time.

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